Mobile App for Sony Blu-ray Disc™ Player (BDP-S2100)

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Recently, the remote for my Sony Blue-ray stopped working. I tried the typical recommended things suggested by Sony forums but gave up. I proceeded to find an app to use with the device. After several failed attemps installed useless ad filled apps. I came across this app (Video & TV SideView: Remote –, which is actually recommend by Sony but it was burried in their support page The app works on Android and iOS, although I just tested the iOS version, you can get the Android version from the link above. On iOS it currently has a 3 out of 5 rating but worked just fine for me on the Sony model BDP-S2100.

I hope this helps same time for other people looking for an app that is legit and not garbage like most of the ones available on the app stores.

Leave a message if it works for you with your device model so other will know if it’s compatible with their device.


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