Omega Strike and Huntdown


A great week in reviews with two great games that are similar and still different at the same time.  This week we had a chance to get our hands on a great Metroidvania style game that is Omega Strike.  In order to take the fight to the evil Dr. Omega, you must switch to use three different heroes in real time to go from level to level, gaining power ups and defeating enemies as you go along.  A great Metroidvania style game for those that love games like this.  Huntdown is another 2D shooter that is in the distant future where you can choose from three different bounty hunters and go after your bounties in this side scroller shooter.  Running at 60 FPS and just 16-bit graphics that look like it was taken from the 90’s, any fans of 90’s sci-fi movies or television shows will just fall in love with this shooter.
In Omega Strike you take on the role of Sarge and two other soldiers Bear, and Daz to take on the evil Dr. Omega.  The game is a 16-bit style action/platformer where you can switch in real time from the three different characters that all have different skills, specials, and weapons to complete levels, fight bosses and get the necessary power up and upgrades to reach other areas.  The game has a fantastic soundtrack that fits well with the gameplay and a Metroidvania style of gameplay that encourages players to revisit areas to get more treasure chests and other secrets. A great game for any fans of shooter and Metroidvania style of games.

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